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Proficient Structured Cabling Company

A structured cabling company uses versatile and unified connection points so that several hardware components can be tethered and controlled from one place.

Structured Cabling Companies in Dubai

Computers and other devices can be administered in the same place. This means they are controlled more effectively, while also helping to cut downtime and troubleshooting the task. Structured cabling is a more disciplined approach to a network setup, and prevents the messy and confusing set of cables and wires in a regular system.

Installation of Network Structured Cabling

The widely used types of structured cabling today include twisted pair and fiber optic.While the twisted pair is commonly used in Ethernet networks, fiber optic proves to be more useful where bandwidth is a core consideration, especially in large institutions.

Screened Unshielded Twisted Pair Wiring

Screened Unshielded Twisted Pair Wiring

Unshielded twisted pair (UTP) is commonly used in indoor Ethernet applications and uses different twist rates to prevent crosstalk (interference) with the transmission.

Shielded with Foil Twisted Pair Wiring

Shielded with Foil Twisted Pair Wiring

These are copper cables that prevent interference between the pairs and sets of cables, making them perfect for use in areas which have high levels of disturbance.

Structured Cabling Companies in Dubai

Fiber Optic Cabling

Fiber optic cables are further divided into single mode and multiple mode cables, and use light to transmit signals at high speed.

Advantages of Network Data Cabling

Cost-Effective Management

The extent of reinstallation become much simpler, and saves time and cost. When moving components from one place to another, or switching entire floors, all you have to do is plug these back in and get back on track.

Effective Modification

A network cabling company prevents the mess of cables in a regular cabling system, which saves time when components need to be modified or unplugged.

Support for Applications & Equipment

Adding bandwidth and upgraded components is going to be no issue at all when you chose Hyperactive as your network cabling company in Dubai. We will add new devices at low costs.

Quick Identification of Faulty Components

Structured cable companies make it much easier to identify components that are defective, without interrupting the other processes by dividing setups into groups.

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Our Structured Cabling Reviews

Having a professional IT organization available at all times is a great assurance, especially for a small business like mine, where small issues can interrupt many other important processes.
PC crashed suddenly during work and I could have been stuck with my unsaved report for days. Hyperactive recovered all my data in a single day. Gosh!
I just wanted to write a thank you note for Hyperactive, because its help has given my company powerful protection from malicious programs.
They fixed my laptop and recovered my data within hours! And I was expecting to be off the grid for at least two days!
Although I used to get professional IT help from some place or another before, signing an AMC with Hyperactive gave the flexibility of not only preventing IT problems beforehand, but also gain unlimited assistance.

Our IT Data Cabling Process


When you call us, we visit your company to decide products you need

Review of Technology Needs

We decide what product or services you need according to your business type.

Sign Contract

Then after deciding these terms we sign our annual It maintenance contract with you

IT Audit

After signing the contract we provide IT audit services to your firm.

Implement Suggestions

After the Audit of your computer and devices, we provide some suggestion to make your it Infrastructure better

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