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IP Pbx & Pabx System Installation Services

PABX System Installation Dubai

We offer a high-quality cost-effective PABX system installation for your company.PABX installation in Dubai is key to making communication within a company more effective. It also allows you to use your internet connection and browsers to access applications, messages, and teleconferencing.

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Types Of PBX, PABX, and IP Systems

pabx installation dubai

PBX & PABX System Testimonials

Having a professional IT organization available at all times is a great assurance, especially for a small business like mine, where small issues can interrupt many other important processes.
PC crashed suddenly during work and I could have been stuck with my unsaved report for days. Hyperactive recovered all my data in a single day. Gosh!
I just wanted to write a thank you note for Hyperactive, because its help has given my company powerful protection from malicious programs.
They fixed my laptop and recovered my data within hours! And I was expecting to be off the grid for at least two days!
Although I used to get professional IT help from some place or another before, signing an AMC with Hyperactive gave the flexibility of not only preventing IT problems beforehand, but also gain unlimited assistance.
Avaya IP PBX

Avaya IP PBX Telephone

Avaya IP PBX telephones are common in modern offices looking to establish versatile communication solutions in the office for employees, including messages, conferencing, and video.

Cisco Phone System

Cisco Phone System

A unified communication phone system delivers a good return on investment and cuts the cost of ownership, while integrating with current phones.

Yeastar IP PBX Telephone System

Yeastar IP PBX Telephone System

Yeastar components are designed to deliver effective & reliable communication to small and medium-sized businesses through cost-effective products.

Panasonic PABX System

Panasonic PABX System

The Panasonic PABX components and main PABX units offer high standards and reliability for business use. Panasonic PABX devices can easily handle dozens of users.

DLINK IP PBX Phone System

DLINK IP PBX Phone System

DLINK offers a large range of IP phones, gateways and IP-PBX components that cater the needs of any size business.

Grand Stream PBX

Grand Stream PBX

The Grand Stream PBX system delivers an advanced collection of features with no additional costs, packing a powerful yet highly manageable PBX setup.



The NEC PBX system offers effective management of incoming and outgoing phone traffic for all calls to reach the right person.

SIP IP Phones

SIP IP Phones

SIP, VoIP and Softphones make use of VoIP technologies for calls over IP and PSTN networks.

How Is IP PBX Helpful For Your Business?

One of the key advantages of IP PBX systems is the scalability. The Plug and play allow IP PBXs to easily accommodate high call volumes and make use of feature-intensive capabilities. Users can add new applications and also use the internet to manage and improve applications on browsers, and cut costs for long-distance calls

Benefits Of PABX Installation

Using LAN

An IP PBX uses your LAN connection and the proximity of server ensures minimal signal loss and latency issues while calls are in progress.

Cost Effective

The costs of PBX systems fall dramatically in the long-term, especially when the network is being used by many users.

Easy Installation & Configuration

IP PBX systems are easier to manage as compared to conventional PBX setups, and also allow for simpler modifications as well as additions.

Easy to Move

The phone units are connected to IPs, and are easier to move on your own, unlike regular phones that often require relocating the connection.

Process of PABX Installation


When you call us, we visit your company to decide products you need

Review of Technology Needs

We decide what product or services you need according to your business type.

Sign Contract

Then after deciding these terms we sign our annual It maintenance contract with you

IT Audit

After signing the contract we provide IT audit services to your firm.

Implement Suggestions

After the Audit of your computer and devices, we provide some suggestion to make your it Infrastructure better