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Efficient Network Support Services

Network Ssupport in Dubai

Hyperactive gives businesses end-to-end network solutions in Dubai, covering all types of wireless and fixed installations, from routing, all the way to security and troubleshooting assistance.

  • Local Area Network

Local Area Network assistance includes LAN infrastructure, which is typically based on several components, including switches, firewalls, hubs, and load balancing items.

  • Wide Area Network

Wide Area Network support covers a number of devices, including routers, ISP items, accelerators, concentrators, and encryption.

Hyperactive provides management and support services for all aspects of the WAN system.

  • Wireless Data Network

The wireless data network is based on routers, network adapters, and access points. Support in this area covers the maintenance of components, and ensure seamless connectivity.

  • Data Center Network

The Data Center network is based on load balancers, switches, and firewalls, and professional assistance in this area includes the maintenance of all of these devices, plus performance and capacity optimization of the components.

Installation of Network Solutions

indoor network solutions

Indoor Network Solutions

We cater to your firewall and antivirus requirements and preserve the security of your data, manage traffic, and provide VPN features.

outdoor network solutions

Outdoor Network Solutions

Our company also deliver Wi-Fi setups for a number of outdoor and public access areas that need internet connectivity, including parks, malls, warehouses, and recreational facilities.

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Client Testimonials

Having a professional IT organization available at all times is a great assurance, especially for a small business like mine, where small issues can interrupt many other important processes.
PC crashed suddenly during work and I could have been stuck with my unsaved report for days. Hyperactive recovered all my data in a single day. Gosh!
I just wanted to write a thank you note for Hyperactive, because its help has given my company powerful protection from malicious programs.
They fixed my laptop and recovered my data within hours! And I was expecting to be off the grid for at least two days!
Although I used to get professional IT help from some place or another before, signing an AMC with Hyperactive gave the flexibility of not only preventing IT problems beforehand, but also gain unlimited assistance.

Network Management & Maintenance Solutions

With growing connectivity needs & scales, reliable maintenance is a priority, ensuring high speed, and optimum device function.

We deliver expert network management in the following ways:

LAN Management

LAN Management

LAN management solutions are based on the provision of switches providing connectivity options crucial to a number of applications

WAN Management

WAN Management

A WAN network usually spans over multiple sites and its management is very important for large businesses with high traffic

WLAN Management

WLAN Management

The WLAN setups can help businesses in containing overall cost of ownership through a network that makes communication effective and flexible

Unified Communications

Unified Communications

Unified Communications deliver exclusive benefits for large businesses by integrating a range of pathways, such as IP, audio, video, and chat.



Voice over IP is a modern substitute for traditional carriers, using the internet as a vehicle to cut costs.

IP Contact Center Management

IP Contact Center Management

The IP contact center protocols and management services bring down cost by integrating numerous communication forms and making sure incoming calls are never missed

Network Operations Center

Network Operations Center

Our company can help businesses to set up a network operations center, which control computer and telecommunication networks.

network system Integration Center

Network System Integration Services

Network system integration processes cover a range of devices and communication tools on to a unified center.

Network Implementation Services

Network Implementation Services

Network implementation involves integrating mobility components across the testing stages.

Network Consulting Services

Network Consulting Services

Network consulting and advice can prove to be very valuable for large enterprises through crucial strategy and control implementation

Our Process for Network Support


When you call us, we visit your company to decide products you need

Review of Technology Needs

We decide what product or services you need according to your business type.

Sign Contract

Then after deciding these terms we sign our annual It maintenance contract with you

IT Audit

After signing the contract we provide IT audit services to your firm.

Implement Suggestions

After the Audit of your computer and devices, we provide some suggestion to make your it Infrastructure better

Brands For Network Solutions:

  • Aruba
  • Cisco
  • Meru Network
  • Mikrotik
  • Ubiquiti
  • Linksys
  • 3com
  • D-link
  • SMC
  • Mimosa