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On Site Computer Services Provider

Computer Services in Dubai

Hyperactive takes care of your computer repair and data recovery needs at your premises.

Having a dedicated and professional IT and computer services in Dubai at your disposal means quick repair and maintenance.

In the case of more complex hardware issues, we provide customers the option of taking their devices to our facility and solving these problems within 24 to 48 hours.

Computer Services We Provide

MacBook / Air / Mac

Apple computers and laptops have a different operating system and can prove to be more sensitive.

Hyperactive can troubleshoot and address issues in these devices for the lowest possible downtime.

Laptop Repair Services

Hyperactive provides office workers and individuals with effective hardware and software assistance.

Computer Repair Services

The offices that use workstations and desktop PCs can benefit from our computer services assistance for a full range of issues, including data loss and hardware faults.

Motherboard / Logic Board Repair

Motherboards and logic boards are sensitive computer components that can suffer damage through voltage fluctuations.

Hyperactive staff can help identify and deal with these issues with negligible downtime.

Windows Help

Whether your workplace needs an upgrade to new Windows software, or there are problems with the operating software, Hyperactive can help with all common and rare Windows functions.

Data Recovery Solutions

The devices that have been affected by malicious software, or lost data due to hardware damage can often be rescued through professional help in data recovery.

Tablet Repair Services

Our technicians can help with issues that affect tablets as well. This includes all major brands.

On-Site Support

Our IT assistance services deliver troubleshooting on your premises, meaning there is no need to transport devices or suffer downtime.

Why Use Hyperactive Professional IT Services?

A leading IT maintenance company in UAE will ensure that all your networking and communication devices stay in pristine condition.

In addition:

  • Control the cost of IT maintenance and services by having us put together a customized plan, or sign an AMC contract
  • You can avail professional expertise of engineers that specialize in a niche
  • Gain an edge over your competitors through timely and organized support
  • We Implement innovative technological solutions in a professional manner through our computer services
  • Mitigate risk and protect important components and data to focus on core operations
  • We eliminate security breaches such as malware and viruses, which can target valuable information

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Having a professional IT organization available at all times is a great assurance, especially for a small business like mine, where small issues can interrupt many other important processes.
PC crashed suddenly during work and I could have been stuck with my unsaved report for days. Hyperactive recovered all my data in a single day. Gosh!
I just wanted to write a thank you note for Hyperactive, because its help has given my company powerful protection from malicious programs.
They fixed my laptop and recovered my data within hours! And I was expecting to be off the grid for at least two days!
Although I used to get professional IT help from some place or another before, signing an AMC with Hyperactive gave the flexibility of not only preventing IT problems beforehand, but also gain unlimited assistance.

Our Computer Services Process


When you call us, we visit your company to decide products you need

Review of Technology Needs

We decide what product or services you need according to your business type.

Sign Contract

Then after deciding these terms we sign our annual It maintenance contract with you

IT Audit

After signing the contract we provide IT audit services to your firm.

Implement Suggestions

After the Audit of your computer and devices, we provide some suggestion to make your it Infrastructure better