Dedicated IT Maintenance Company

server maintenance

Hyperactive is a leading IT maintenance company in Dubai, which provides high-quality support for server components by HP, Dell, and IBM. We have extensive experience in the area and offer everything you need to keep your servers in top order at all times.

network management

A full range of IT services make sure your needs are handled effectively, regardless of how large your business is.

Annual Maintenance Contract

We can even visit your premises to come up with exclusive support and setup configurations to optimize business-related IT requirements.

new office setup

We help you focus on your core operations. Leave the IT setup and maintenance work to us if your business is in the early stages. This includes many hardware and network setup tasks when a company is being formed.

IT structured cabling

A neat & good structured cabling infrastructure not only improves aesthetics, but also easily pinpoints faulty equipment faster than conventional systems.

PABX Setup and IP PBX

We cover a number of reputed brands that make PABX components, and our services ensure intra-office communications are effective.

annual maintenance contract

An annual maintenance contract (AMC) is a yearly deal you can sign with us, under which we will cater to all your IT needs. This also gives you the added advantage of regular checks and maintenance services.

it consultancy

Through our IT consultancy services, you can get experienced professionals for all your business-related requirements, including hardware, software, networking, and troubleshooting

software installation

You can avoid wastage of time and effort by availing professional software installation assistance for all your workstations, and make sure there are no compatibility issues.

laptop computer services

Regular servicing of desktop and laptop keep them clean and prevents dust and dirt from settling deep inside the hardware & software.

data recovery

When hardware components fail, or viruses attack your system, our data recovery expertise boost chances of success.

workstation management

You can manage your workstation effectively and eliminate unnecessary costs by choosing Hyperactive for this task. We understand the trends of the UAE market and its IT needs give you the assurance that all your IT components will operate in prime condition.

We provide complete IT solutions to your business. We can help you with IT Infrastructure, Software & Hardware Support.

Our IT Maintenance Process


When you call us, we visit your company to decide products you need

Review of Technology Needs

We decide what product or services you need according to your business type.

Sign Contract

Then after deciding these terms we sign our annual It maintenance contract with you

IT Audit

After signing the contract we provide IT audit services to your firm.

Implement Suggestions

After the Audit of your computer and devices, we provide some suggestion to make your it Infrastructure better

Our Annual Maintenance Contracts – AMC

Sign an annual maintenance contract with Hyperactive, and secure full IT maintenance at all times. You can also eliminate risks such as viruses, malware, and data loss.

You will be able to avoid downtime and cut costs through IT systems monitoring and troubleshooting services.

Why Hyperactive for Your Business?

Hyperactive is a renowned IT maintenance service provider in the UAE.

Our absolute commitment to quality for the IT infrastructure sets apart from other IT companies.

Availing the services of a leader in the segment ensures:

  • A single point of contact for everything that relates to IT
  • Customized packages for your requirements
  • Effective cost management
  • Comprehensive toolbox at your fingertips
  • High level of security
  • Disaster recovery without downtime
Having a professional IT organization available at all times is a great assurance, especially for a small business like mine, where small issues can interrupt many other important processes.
PC crashed suddenly during work and I could have been stuck with my unsaved report for days. Hyperactive recovered all my data in a single day. Gosh!
I just wanted to write a thank you note for Hyperactive, because its help has given my company powerful protection from malicious programs.
They fixed my laptop and recovered my data within hours! And I was expecting to be off the grid for at least two days!
Although I used to get professional IT help from some place or another before, signing an AMC with Hyperactive gave the flexibility of not only preventing IT problems beforehand, but also gain unlimited assistance.

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